Where in the World is India Reid?


Presently, the answer is kind of vague: I’m on a plane somewhere between St. Louis and Seattle, off on my latest sexy adventure.

The last six months or so have been anything but sexy. They’ve involved a lot of sweatpants and oversized band t-shirts, essays on new criticism and deconstruction, late nights, cheap booze and cheaper coffee. School has left me off the grid for a solid while now, just trying to keep up with classwork. But all of this has culminated into something that’s, I guess, kind of a big deal– I’m a college grad now! No more pencils, no more books– you know the drill.

But the real sweetness to my newfound freedom is that I’m sitting in first class (not nearly as fancy as you’d imagine it to be, but better than economy and with unlimited glasses of champagne) on my way to a weekend with a good friend in the publishing industry– and then off to Australia afterward. I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the hot towel yet (do you put it on your face? Wash your hands with it?) but I’m feeling bubbly and excited and, well… horny. So very, very horny.

The flights, the girls’ weekend, and all of the mysteries yet to come when I hit Melbourne are some kind of “good girl” rewards from my current beau, and yeah, I guess, my “Master”– even though I don’t call him that. We’ve been separated since July so I could go home and finish up school, which for me has been a serious case of not getting laid for the last six months. Tragic, I know– so maybe that’s why I’m being spoiled so much.

The main benefits of all of this to you, dear readers, is that I’m writing full time now and in about six days, doing sex on the reg’ again– so there are all sorts of stories (true, half-true, entirely fictionalized and those ones that we all really, desperately wish could happen) ripe for typing.

Expect me,


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