Masturbation Monday: Two Tongues


I couldn’t help it.

I called her up.

Haunted all week long by the brief moment we shared last week (and still aching from the spanking that I got as a result), with Sir’s permission I fished the number of the girl with the blue hair out of my purse and invited her over on Saturday night. To my excitement, she accepted.

When she turned up, her hair was bright red this time– Cherry red, just like her name.

I felt like we were quoting Scott Pilgrim to each other as I asked her, “Do you ever keep your hair the same color?”

She replied, “No. Why would I?”

Sir’s apartment is in Melboune’s CBD, in the heart of the city. The three of us sat on the balcony and smoked joints and drank Guinness, watching nervous, horny men and groups of drunken partiers slip into the Club X across the street.

“Have you ever been?” Cherry asked.

Sir and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Once,” I said, “You put a $2 coin in the slot and watch a woman wearing a cowboy hat shoot ping pong balls out of her snatch.”

“I would like to see that,” Cherry said. Her hand was on my thigh, creeping upwards toward the edge of my dress. Her nails were red too– even redder than her hair.

“Maybe some other time,” Sir said, rising. He stood behind us, a hand on each of our shoulders. Cherry and I looked at each other and giggled. We had been planning it all week.

Knees to the ground, fingers on Sir’s belt. Anyone could have seen us– so many apartments have such a clear view of Sir’s, and the balcony offered little privacy. By the time we had his pants down, he was already hard. A pale, willowy redhead and a busty, tanned brunette, on their knees before him, licking their lips and staring down his cock– how could he not be?

I let Cherry give the first lick.

We took turns, starting at the base and working our way up to the head, one of us on each side. After every lick, there was a tantalizing pause– for Sir, anyway. Our lips met as we traded off, tongues running against each other, teeth pressing down on each other’s lips. It was hard to say who was enjoying it more– Sir, or the two of us.

Unable to keep our mouths off of each other, we compromised by wrapping them around Sir’s cock, one of us on either side, and working up and down the shaft while our lips met in the middle. Our tongues worked the underside, tasting as much of each other as we were pleasuring Sir. Then, while Cherry took his cock into her mouth, I licked lower, sucking Sir’s balls into my mouth one at a time. As I finally sucked both between my lips at once, Cherry took Sir’s cock so far into her mouth that I could see the lump in her throat. We tried to kiss then too and failed– not all blowjob mechanics work out quite so perfectly the first time around.

While Cherry’s tongue was occupied with the head of Sir’s cock, my tongue felt like wandering elsewhere. Down her neck, across her collarbone; I knew Sir was being well taken care of, and it had been too long since I’d been with another girl. I untied Cherry’s halter top and tugged it down roughly, over her breasts so that my tongue could taste her nipples. Their sweet, puffy pinkness needed more than my tongue, though. My teeth, cruel and teasing, scraped against one then the other. I’m notoriously rough with my girls.

A finger beneath her skirt told me exactly how much Cherry liked having her nipples tortured. She was sick all the way up to her clit, and I was dying for a taste. But just as I was about to suck my Cherry-soaked finger into my mouth, Sir pulled me up to his cock again by a handful of my hair.

“Mouths open, tongues out,” he said to both of us. “Eyes on me.”

And so we did. Kneeling there on the cold tile of the balcony, our tongues hanging out like the wanton whores we were for him, we watched as Sir finished himself off, aiming long strings of cum across our faces and chests. I felt a spurt drip down my cheek and smear across my lips, watched as another stream hit Cherry’s tongue and spill down onto her breasts.

“Now,” Sir said to me. “Lick it off of each other. Don’t swallow.”

As if we needed to be told.

The light, salted vanilla of Sir’s cum mingled with the taste of Cherry’s skin as I cleaned it from her face with my tongue. Slowly, I licked the glob of white from the pale pink of her tongue, gathering it all up in my mouth. I sucked it off of the round teardrops of her tits, licked the tiny drops that had fallen on her forehead and held the cum beneath my tongue as she did the same for me.

My lips, my cheek, my collarbone and the curve of my left breast. We gathered up all of the cum on our tongues and opened our mouths wide to show Sir what good girls we had been– although, at that point it was hard telling whether it had been for his benefit or our own.

“Mm. Lovely,” Sir said. “Now… Kitten,” he said to me, and I looked up at him with wide eyes. He was using that tone of voice that every submissive knows all too well– the tone that says he has something especially terrible in mind.

“Spit it all into Cherry’s mouth,” he said. It didn’t sound like an order, but with Sir, it never needed to. When he had me in the floaty black velvet of subspace, I did whatever he wanted.

Slowly, I straightened and let the cum in my mouth fall into Cherry’s.

“Don’t swallow,” he reminded her, and she nodded. “I want you to spit it into her ass.”

I could tell why Sir had made me pass my cum to Cherry before sharing that detail with me. With the way my jaw dropped, I would have been licking it all back up off of the floor.

“Cheek against the ground, ass in the air toward her. Spread yourself for her.”

The tile was especially cold against my cheek. I always keep my ass ready for Sir to use… I just hadn’t been expecting that. Reaching back, I worked my fingers into the tightness of the hole, spreading it as much as I could.

The cum was warm and gooey as Cherry trickled it in.

“Not done yet, Kitten,” Sir said, and I felt something cold and slick press against my ass.

The butt plug.

I had been on a skype call with him when I bought it, back when we were on different continents and I had been sent to the sex shop with his credit card periodically to pick up “naughty things”. The plug is bulb shaped, clear glass swirled with a gorgeous purple.

He fitted it into my ass slowly, the lubrication on it working with the slickness of the cum. When it was all the way in, I could feel myself clench around it tight. It felt massive– just short of uncomfortably full.

“There,” Sir said, patting my ass. “Now none of it will leak out.”

As I kissed Cherry again, licking the scant remnants of his cum from her lips, I discovered he was right– none of it did.

This post is part of Kayla Lord’s Masturbation Monday. You can read my first encounter with (then, blue-haired) Cherry here: Blue Hair, Red Lips (A Train Station Tryst). Hungry for more Monday lovin’? Head over to the Masturbation Monday masterpost here (we’re on week 26)! I update my blog every Monday with sexy scenes from my own crazy life. For submission rules and former weeks, check out Kayla Lord’s blog: A Sexual Being.


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      • I will. I received one perhaps not quite as dramatic on Saturday. Framed by one of the large low front windows of my home on a cold but sunny Saturday morning. I just finished cleaning more breakfast and offered to bring her more coffee. When, impulsively, I told her I would give her the cream first.

        She was sitting at perfect level I pulled down my loose pants and my hard cock spring forth even with her mouth. I closed the gap and parted her surprised but eager lips

  3. I read it again. And again. I just want to know what you are wearing when you write this stuff, because you must move … you must move a lot with your inspirations … 🙂

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