#IndiaReads: Generation Game by Secret Narrative

It’s an explosive meeting of the erotic and the literary. The whole thing is brilliantly voyeuristic– like you’re reading the innermost thoughts of a real person at their dirtiest, their most depraved.

Secret’s prose is gorgeously intricate– the pacing is divine– but the protagonist, Sylvia, is the real draw to this piece. It’s a sexy down-the-rabbit-hole sort of narrative as Sylvia becomes more and more wanton, more and more immersed in her own power to claim her sexuality.

Every story is a different sort of conquest– to the point where I wasn’t even sure who was claiming whom anymore, and I loved it.

You don’t usually feel this classy after delving into the erotic– it left me in need of a man with an Irish accent and a glass of wine.

This sexy collection of five erotic stories is available on Amazon now!


One thought on “#IndiaReads: Generation Game by Secret Narrative

  1. Some writers find their own formula and stick with it. Some writers keep pushing at the boundaries, finding and improving a unique vision. Secret Narrative is one of those writers and each book or short story you come to is both surprising and better than the last.

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