Hand in Hand into Oblivion

Ten erotic tales of an impending apocalypse – $4.99

The end is nigh—so how would you go out?  A lusty secretary finally finds common grounds with her hard-ass boss… bent over his desk with her skirt over her head!  When two roommates and self-proclaimed “cat ladies” consummate their friendship, the cat’s finally out of the bag!  As each scene plays out, each nearing closer and closer to Cometfall and the destruction of life on earth as we know it, catch these characters and more in intimate moments of passion as they finally lower their inhibitions and throw caution to the wind!  A steamy, surprisingly charming anthology detailing the psychological and philosophical repercussions of the human experience as humanity learns the date of its own destruction.  Included is an exclusive sneak peek at the first five chapters of the upcoming post-apocalyptic spinoff novel, With a Whimper.


Expiration Dates

Ten macabre romances of the zombie apocalypse – $4.99

They come in the dark of night: hungry, moaning and desperate for one thing and one thing alone– human flesh. Whether you’re in it for the flesh-hungry zombies or the saucy sexings, Expiration Dates has something for everyone! Lock your doors, draw your blinds and load your gun as you devour these delicious tales. Endearingly charming and utterly provoking, the set will also include the first five chapters of Reid’s upcoming book Stiffs #1: In the Flesh.


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