With a Whimper: Quantum Suicide (Cometfall Book 1)

A kinky post-apocalyptic billionaire romance (in space!) – $5.99

Civilization as we know it ends in three hours (and counting), and curvaceous perpetual masters student Gwenyth Kelly has just decided that she doesn’t, in fact, want to die.  So when, despite her messy hair, sweatpants and lack of makeup, gruff and snarky billionaire Dane Weiss offers her a highly coveted place with him on Worldship 101, the last remaining savior vessel to leave a terminal earth behind, Gwen can’t turn him down.  But though she might have a ticket to ride, it most certainly ain’t free.  Gwen’s salvation comes at a cost– she must submit to Dane, fully and completely, without question or reservation.  Gwen knows that she is stubborn, but so is Dane– and his longing to break her might just grow into something even more horrific and sinister: love.  The world may have gone out with a bang, but Gwen’s existence continues on… With a Whimper.


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